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Mega Rencana

A saving product with a predetermined time period without  administration fee, free Life Insurance Protection* and features that can nurture customer’s disciplined saving habit for their future goals.

Mega Rencana is available in 2 choices:

  1. Mega Rencana Reguler: Term savings that can be withdrawn for emergencies after the first year
  2. Mega Rencana Promo: Term savings with prizes accustomed to your wishes

*Terms & Conditions apply

Other Convenience

Fees and Charges
Information Mega Rencana Reguler (IDR) Mega Rencana Promo (IDR)
Initial Deposit Minimal 100.000 adjusted to the applicable Mega Rencana Promo scheme
Minimum Balance 100.000 100.000
Administration Fee (per Month) Free Free
Minimum Balance Fee (per Month) - -
Admin fee/ Withdrawal of Emergency Funds 25.000 N/A
Debit Failure Fee / Month 5.000 50.000
Dormant Fee (per Month) - -
Closing Account Fee Free Free
Closing Account Fee Before Due Date 100.000 100,000 + Penalty according to product regulations
Monthly Deposit  Minimal 100.000 adjusted to the applicable Mega Rencana Promo scheme 
Interest Rate (p.a.)

*Changes in terms of features & services can change at any times, by givng advance notice maximum 30 (thirty) working days before the change.

Range Saldo Reguler T7 Promo TH & TI Promo Max
< Minimum Balance 0% 0% 0%
>= Minimum Balance 2.50% 1% 0.50%


Terms and Condition for an Account Opening

  • Identity Card: KTP/KITAS
  • The Customer has other savings account & current account at Bank Mega as an account to be withdrawn from / credited to, for the Mega Rencana saving plan.
  • Monthly Deposit Stipulations:
    • Monthly deposits is automatically debited in accord to the amount and date selected at account opening
    • The debit process of the account for the source of fund for Mega Rencana Account has a grace period of 5 calendar days from the date of the auto debit
    • If during the grace period the auto debit system fails to debit the source of fund account, then Mega Rencana monthly deposit is  categorized as a failed debit
    • Every time a failed debit occurs, a debit failure fee will be incurred from the source of fund account
    • If the account fails to be auto debited in the first moth, the account will be debited with 2 (two) times the normal monthly deposit amount on the second month, and so on until the third month.
    • The failed debit stipulations are as follows:
      • In the first month if a failed debit occurred, then it must be paid in the next month
      • In the second month if a failed debit still occurred, either for the first or second monthly deposit, then it will be calculated as a consecutive failed debit (twice in a row)
      • In the third month if a failed debit still occurred, either for the first/second/third monthly deposit, then it will be calculated as a consecutive failed debit (thrice in a row)

Illustration for the failed debit calculation:

  • Emergency Withdrawal clauses:
  • Only applies for Mega Rencana Regular
  • Max. of 3 times a year after the first year, and administration fee is charged for withdrawal.
  • Max. only 25% of the available balance in the account can be withdrawn and the remaining balance cannot be less than the minimum balance.


  • Mega Rencana Promo Clauses:
    • Availability of type and colour of the prize may change at any time depending on the availability of stock, and prize alteration will be done without any notification to customer
    • Mega Rencana Promo scheme are subject to change at any time based on terms and condition that applied in Bank Mega


  • Insurance Protection Clauses:
    • FREE life insurance (free insurance premium)
    • To get free life insurance, the Customer’s age range is 17 to 60 years old, with the maximum of 65 years old when the account is due
    • Customer with age > 60 years old can still join Mega Rencana Program, but he/she will not get the Life Insurance facility
    • Llife insurance facility is only for Mega Rencana Reguler and Mega Rencana Promo with monthly deposit feature
    • If the Customer has more than 1 (one) Mega Rencana account, the life insurance benefits are either paid in lumpsum (whole payment at once) or paid to continue Mega Rencana saving plans until it’s completion, with a maximum monthly deposit of Rp. 5,000,000
  • Payment of benefit is an obligation of the insurance guarantor (Simas Jiwa Insurance). Bank Mega is not responsible and only act as a connector between insurance company and customer.
  • As a case of related matter and cannot be separated from Mega Rencana product, for the purpose of registering the customer’s life insurance, Bank Mega will send customer’ account data and his/her beneficiary to Bank Mega’s cooperating insurance company (PT. Asuransi Simas Jiwa)



Insurance policy in Mega Rencana saving is a product product of PT. Asuransi Simas Jiwa, PT. Bank Mega, Tbk (Bank) is not the guarantor of the insurance product and does not act as an agent or broker of the customer. The grant of life insurance benefits to Mega Rencana Customers is in the absolute authority of PT. Asuransi Simas Jiwa entirely.

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