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Bank Mega has obtained a license from Badan Pengawas Pasar Modal (Bapepam) to act as a custodian bank in accordance Decree Chairman of Bapepam No. KEP-01 / PM / Kstd / 2001 dated January 18, 2001 and has obtained approval from Bank Indonesia to act as Sub-Registry in accordance Letter of Bank Indonesia No. 10/160 / DPM dated July 4, 2008.

Custodial services that can be provided by Bank Mega :

  1. Storage and administration of securities or share belonging to the Customer (safekeeping), either in the form of scrip or scripless, and in Rupiah and US Dollar;
  2. Transaction settlement delivery and receipt of securities or share(settlement); 
  3. Execution of appropriate corporate action in accordance with customer instruction and collection/ interest coupon payment/dividend (corporate action / income collection). 
  4. Representing the Client to present at the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meeting of Bonds (RUPO) (Proxy Services). 
  5. Provide reports and information related to Client’s securities or share that is safekept and administered. 

Requirements to open a custodian account:

  1. Provide documents according to the provisions of the Financial Services Authority. 
  2. Filling in request form of custodian account opening and sign the Custodian Agreement with Bank Mega. 
  3. Open Current/Saving Account at Bank Mega. 


PT Bank Mega Tbk. has been listed in the Capital Market Authority in accordance to Registration Certificate (STTD) No. 20 / STTD-WA / PM / 2000 dated August 2, 2000 to perform business activity as a Trustee.

In order of the debt securities (bonds / Sukuk) issuance by corporation, PT Bank Mega Tbk. providing Trustee Services, namely as the party that represents the interests of debt securities (bonds / Sukuk) holders , both inside and outside the court, according to the Trustee Agreement and the Law & Regulation in force.

PT Bank Mega Tbk. also provide Monitoring Agent services for issuance of Medium Terms Notes (MTN) and Guarantor Agent Services.

For more information :

Capital Market Services (CAMS)
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