Personal Service


Provide convenience for customers to transfer funds to the beneficiary on the other bank.


  • Filling the Transfer Form completely.
  • Depositing / provide appropriate amount of transferred (cash / debit account / other deposits).
  • Pay a transfer fee.
  • Valid ID Card.
  • RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) Fee:
IDR 30.000

Mega Inkaso

To provide convenience for customers to charge other Banks script outside of clearing area, and those said Banks are not a participant of Regional Clearing Affairs.


  • Have a Mega Bank Checking Account/Saving Account
  • Filling in Collection Slip completely and submitting a Bank Script
  • Pay collection feee


SKNBI is an infrastructure that is used by Bank of Indonesia in performing transfers of fund and scheduled clearing in order to process electronic financial data on Fund Transfer Services, Debit Script Clearing Services, Regular Payment Services, and Regular Billing Services.


  • Filling in the Deposit Slip/Form Completely.
  • Submitting the Bank Script* (*for clearing).
  • Depositing/providing the correct amount of fund that is going to be transferred (Cash/Account Debit/Other methods of deposit).
  • Paying the Transfer/Clearing Services fee


IDR 2.900

Mega Intercity Clearing

Providing convenience for Customers to charge another Banks’ slips/scripts outside of a local clearing area, where said Banks are a member of the Inter-Regional Clearing.


  • Have a Bank Mega Checking Account / Saving Account.
  • Filling in Deposit Slip completely and submitting the Bank Script.
  • Paying the Clearing / Inter-city Clearing.

Mega SDB

The best protection for most precious thing (s) to you.


  • Have an active account at Bank Mega.
  • Term of the lease contract valid for a certain period, the general provisions of the lease term is for 1 year.(auto renewal)
  • SDB rates to be charged to customers consist of Rent. Fees Guarantee Key and Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • If there is an increase in the price of the key security deposit, it is mandatory to add the key security deposit during the next SDB renewal period.
  • In the event of damage to the lock by tenants, the cost of loses shall be borne to Tenant (nominal fees subject to review).
  • Automatic blocking occurs because the Tenant has not extended the SDB past the due date and will be subject to a fine in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • If the Tenant does not return the key for a period of 6 (six) months after the end of the Lease Period and the Tenant's whereabouts are unknown/cannot be contacted for 6 (six) consecutive months after the end of the Lease Period, Bankmay dismantle the SDB at any time. comply with applicable requirements.
  • If Tenant terminate the lease bvefore the contracy expires, the Tenant is not entited to demand the return of the rental fee has been paid, except the Guarantee Fee Lock.
  • Signing a lease agreement Mega SDB


Safe Deposit Box pricelist: Click here

The fee for other services are as follow:

Type of Services Valid until 20th of March 2019 Valid starting 21st of March 2019
Account Mutation Re-Check Fee:
On going month IDR 1.500/sheet IDR 2.500/sheet
On going month > 1 to 3 months IDR 7.500/sheet IDR 10.000/sheet
On going month > 3 months IDR 10.000/sheet IDR 20.000/sheet
Passbook replacement charge  IDR 2.500 IDR 25.000/sheet