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Business Services

We aware that there's a need to maintain the level of liquidity and cash flow of the company, therefore we present Mega Internet Banking Business Services to simplify the reconciliation process of payments and receipts so that banking transactions can be carried out more effectively, efficiently, and fexibility with level authorization that can be determined by the costumer.

  • Benefits

  • Maintaining the level of liquidity and cash flow company 
  • Simplify the process of reconciliation of payments and receipts 
  • Banking transactions can be done in a more effective, efficient and flexible 
  • Authorization Level can be determined solely by Customer
  • Feature

  • Balance Information and Account History
  • Transfer between Bank Mega Account
  • Interbank Transfer Online Trough PRIMA and ATM Bersama Network
  • Interbank Tranfer Domestic using SKN and RTGS Network
  • Transfer Forex and Remittance
  • Cash Pooling and Cash Distribution
  • Bulk Payment
  • Payroll
  • Top Up MegaCash
  • Time Deposit
  • Advice Printing
  • Virtual Account Payment
  • Bill Payment of Electricity, Water/PAM, TV Cable, Phone/HP, Credit Card, Internet, and Tax Payment/MPN G2
  • Security

A.    Using two factor authentication :

  1. Corporate ID, User ID and Password as the first authentication factor.
  2. Hard Token as the second authentication factor.


B.    Segregation of Duty :

  1. Mega Internet Banking Business gives full authority to the corporate customer user to determine their own user (Corporate Admin).
  2. Corporate admin will determine the PIC user id that runs multilevel transactions (user maker & approver).
  • How to Register

The Customer completes and submits the Business Mega Internet registration form at the account opening branch.

  • Provisions

  • Company must have current account or saving account with active condition.
  • Fill in the Business Mega Internet registration form in the account opening branch.
  • Attach the same supporting documents as the documents for opening account.

Advantages of Virtual Account Services

  • Transactions identify
  • Fast implementation
  • Fast and accurate reconciliation
  • Speed up collection / bills
  • Payers are not required to have an account at the Bank

Market Virtual Account Segmentation

  • Insurance company
  • Financing company
  • Education sector: universities, schools
  • Retail sector: supermarket, minimarket
  • Residence: housing, apartment , and others


  • Company must have current account or saving account with active condition.
  • Fill in the Mega Virtual Account registration form at account opening branch.
  • Attach the same supporting documents as the documents for opening account.

How to Register

Customer need to complete and submit the Mega Virtual Account Registration Form at account opening branch.

General Description 

Bank Mega as the Acquiring Bank and the part of Payment System Service Provider (PJSP) now can already receive payments through Quick Response Indonesia Standard. QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard) is a QR code for payments and developed by Central Bank of Indonesia with the Payment System Association (ASPI) by standardizing the QR code. Because of that the transaction process is much easier, faster and safer.

The special using QRIS is with one QR, merchant doesn’t need to have various QR codes to receive payments from each Acquirer because it’s integrated with all banking or others financial institution applications that provide QR code payment features. Sources of funds in QRIS transactions are debit cards, credit cards and electronic money from institutions approved by Bank Indonesia.

QRIS transaction nominal is limited to a maximum of Rp. 2,000,000.00 (two million Rupiah) per transaction. Payment application providers can set daily and / or monthly cumulative nominal limits for QRIS transactions carried out by each QRIS user, determined based on their personal risk management.

QRIS Method

There are two payment methods for QRIS Merchant Presented Mode (MPM) and Customer Presented Mode (CPM) which are distinguished based on the party that displays the QR code.

Merchant Presented Mode is a merchant displaying a QR Code which is then scanned using a consumer smartphone. This method consists of 2 types, namely:


  • QR Code is displayed through stickers or other printouts.
  • The same QR Code is used for each payment transaction.
  • QR Code does not contain the nominal payment that must be paid, so it requires input of a nominal amount by the customer on the mobile device.


  • QR Code is displayed via receipt printed by the EDC machine, displayed on the monitor screen/POS Cashier & Vending Machine.
  • A different QR Code is printed for each payment transaction.
  • QR Code already contains the nominal payment to be paid.


Customer Presented Mode (CPM) is a customer shows the QRIS barcode to be scanned by the cashier using a scanner provided by the QR Code payment provider.

For More information about QRIS, please refer to link : 

Requirements to Become a Mega Bank QRIS Merchant



Account Bank Mega Yes Yes
Tax Card (NPWP) Yes Yes
*Letter of Business License (SKDP/SKDU) Yes Yes
*Business License (SIUP/TDP) - Yes
Notary Deed of the Company (Akta Pendirian & Perubahan) - Yes

*Conditions may change according to Bank policy 

Mega SDB

The best protection for most precious thing (s) to you.


  • Have an active account at Bank Mega.
  • Term of the lease contract valid for a certain period, the general provisions of the lease term is for 1 year.(auto renewal)
  • SDB rates to be charged to customers consist of Rent. Fees Guarantee Key and Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • If there is an increase in the price of the key security deposit, it is mandatory to add the key security deposit during the next SDB renewal period.
  • In the event of damage to the lock by tenants, the cost of loses shall be borne to Tenant (nominal fees subject to review).
  • Automatic blocking occurs because the Tenant has not extended the SDB past the due date and will be subject to a fine in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • If the Tenant does not return the key for a period of 6 (six) months after the end of the Lease Period and the Tenant's whereabouts are unknown/cannot be contacted for 6 (six) consecutive months after the end of the Lease Period, Bankmay dismantle the SDB at any time. comply with applicable requirements.
  • If Tenant terminate the lease bvefore the contracy expires, the Tenant is not entited to demand the return of the rental fee has been paid, except the Guarantee Fee Lock.
  • Signing a lease agreement Mega SDB


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