Corporate Social Responsibility


Vision dan Policy

Bank Mega’s Social & environmental Responsibility consists of two main programs, namely “Mega Berbagi” and “Mega Peduli”. Philosophically, the CSR programs are implemented not only to give back to society, but also to emphasize the need to build a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment, particularly with the community and environment, while also continuously provide the stakeholders with added values. The CSR programs certainly have positive impacts on the recipient community. education becomes the focus as Bank Mega believes that good education will break the poverty chain. Throughout 2019, Bank Mega has contributed to the community in total value of Rp16 billion and Rp1.6 billion through Mega Berbagi and Mega Peduli respectively.

Mega Berbagi

Bank Mega invites all customers and communities to deposit money and take part in building school facilities and infrastructures through Mega Berbagi Savings product. 

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Mega Peduli

Mega Peduli Program also enlivens Bank Mega’s CSR activities. The entire personnel of Bank Mega are required to actively participate in these activities in the hope of fostering their compassion for the afflicted.

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