CSR Mega Peduli

Mega Peduli


Mega Peduli Program also enlivens Bank Mega’s CSR activities. The entire personnel of Bank Mega are required to actively participate in these activities in the hope of fostering their compassion for the afflicted. The donation is channeled through Bank Mega Branch/Sub-Branch/Cash Offices throughout Indonesia. Mega Peduli social activities are increasingly seen as beneficial especially for underprivileged communities who are subject to soaring basic commodities price ahead of eid al-fitr and who have weak purchasing power. Therefore, Bank Mega grants donations through Mega Peduli in the form of staples to help meet the needs of underprivileged communities who live around the Bank’s Head office and around 374 Bank Mega office networks throughout Indonesia. In 2019, Bank Mega distributed more than 16,000 staples that comprised rice, cooking oil, sugar, and instant noodles. Bank Mega’s President Director Kostaman Thayib symbolically handed these staples to the underprivileged around Bank Mega’s Head office in Jakarta, particularly the underprivileged near Masjid Raihanul Hamim – Mampang.

In addition, to commemorate the Bank’s Anniversary, Bank Mega in collaboration with CT ARSA foundation conducted a CSR activity in the form of dental care counseling by the foundation’s Dentist Team, followed with free dental check and dental care through Mobil Sehat (Healthy Cars) for students and communities around Madrasah Aliyah Al falak, Bogor-West Java. Through this activity, Bank Mega aimed to raise dental health awareness through direct dialogs with the dentists during the examination in Mobil Sehat.


Mega Peduli Activity



Measurement Unit

2019 2018 2017
Incured Cost Billion Rupiah 1,65 1,57 1,53


Moreover, Bank Mega hosts regular blood drives annually. In 2019, Bank Mega invited its personnel to participate in blood donation. Based on the data of the Residence Blood Donor units of the PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) in Sukabumi, north Jakarta, and Bekasi, approximately 364 blood bags were collected from 460 Bank Mega personnel participating in blood drives in Jakarta Head Office, as well as in regional offices in Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Banjarmasin. The blood bags collected in the 2019 blood drives increased by 5% from previous year. The program aims at fulfilling the third goal of the SDGs, which is to ensure healthy living and improve the welfare of Bank Mega personnel and of the community as well.