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A new breakthrough from Bank Mega to provide all your banking activities through your smartphone and makes everything easier. Such as saving products, credit cards and electronic money, cash withdrawals without cards at Bank Mega ATMs, QR transactions at merchants, and various promo information, it's all in your hands.

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Why must M-Smile?

Because M-Smile is an application that:

  1. Attractive appearance that doesn't makes you feel bored when using M-Smile
  2. The fast and easier login by using finger print or face recognition technology.
  3. Missed your wallet? Don't carry an ATM card? Relax. You can do QR transactions at merchants that use the QRIS logo, just scan, pay & go! or Cash withdrawal without card at Bank Mega ATM.
  4. Purchase voucher, pay bill and top up your e-wallet in a Practical way!
  5. Open a new savings account and various services for the convenience of Savings and Credit Card owners
  6. Transactions becomes easier and faster using Voice Command.
  7. Saving Account, Current Account, Loan, Deposit, Credit Card, M-Money, Saving and Credit Card Transaction Inquiry, Statements & Billing Statement up to 12 months.
  8. Complete domestic transfer features such as transfer intra bank account, Realtime transfer, SKN / Clearing or RTGS and Bank Mega virtual account transfer.
  9. Credit Card service features such as Mega Pay (change transactions into installments), Increase Fixed Limit, Mega Bill Registration, Insurance Registration, Block Credit Cards, and Register/Change PIN.
  10. You can check information on Bank Mega credit card and debit card promos completely!
  11. Now you can also check credit card points and DoReMe easily
  12. You can also check other information such as M-Calendar, foreign exchange rates, ATM and branch locations, account inboxes and all account settings using your smartphone!