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Settlement Of Customer Complaints And Mediation Of Banking

To all loyal Customers of Bank Mega which we respect, in connection with the issuance of Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 8/5/PBI/2006 dated January 30, 2006 concerning Banking Mediation and regulations concerning Consumer Complaint Services as stipulated in Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Regulation Number 18/POJK.07/2018, it is necessary to inform as follows:

  1. Customer complaints can be submitted to Customer Service in all branches of Bank Mega or via Mega Call 08041500010 or by filling complaints form at
  2. Bank Mega will provide verbal and/or written notification regarding the settlement of the customer complaint.
  3. Upon no agreement reached, customers may submit the disputes settlement / problems to the executor function Banking Mediation facilitated by Bank Indonesia or Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) or Lembaga Alternatif Penyelesaiaan Sengketa Terintegrasi (LAPST). Submission can only be made by the customer or customer representatives, including institutions, legal entities, and Bank into the Bank customers.
  4. Submission of dispute settlement must be in form of written settlement and include the following documents :
  • Copy of complaint settlement results provided by the Bank to customers.
  • Copy of valid customer identity.
  • Signed Stamped Statement which declare that the dispute is currently not under process nor has obtained decission from any abritration institution. Judicial court or any mediation agency and have not been processed in the Banking Mediation facilitated by Bank Indonesia.
  • Copies of supporting documents related to the dispute submitted, and
  • Copy of Power of Attorney in the case that the dispute settlement is given authorized to other party.
  1. Submission of dispute settlement to Bank Indonesia or OJK shall be made not later than 60 (sixty) working days, since the issuance date of Bank Mega settlement letter on customer complaints until the date of dispute settlement submission received by the Banking Mediation function either directly submitted or the date of air mail stamped. 
  2. Disputes can be submitted to BI or OJK are civil disputes arising from financial transactions in Rupiah currency with maximum of Rp 500.000.000 , - ( five hundred million) in term of customers financial lost, potential losses due to the delay or customers’ financial transaction failure with other party and or expenses occur for dispute settlement.expenses incurred for customers to resolve the dispute.
  3. Submission of dispute settlement is addressed to the Directorate of Banking Investigation and Mediation, Bank Indonesia or to The Financial Services Authority (OJK) and copied to the relevant Bank.


Question & Answer

Find answers to your questions about everything concerning your transactions in Bank Mega.

What if my Mega Pass debit card or my Bank Mega credit card was lost or stolen?

Contact Mega Call on 08041500010 or contact Bank Mega nearest branch. For your safety, immediately block the card and our customer service will be happy to assist you.

How to make a reservation for Bank Mega's Mega Pass debit card or credit card when it's lost?

Contact Mega Call on 08041500010 or contact Bank Mega nearest branch.

To re-issue the card, then you must prepare a certificate of loss from the police, photocopy of ID card and fill out a new card request form located in the Bank Mega near you 

How to activate Mega Pass debit card?

After you receive an ATM / Debit card, please immediately activate and create an ATM / Debit Card PIN in the following way:

type: PINATM<space>Last 4 Digits of Debit Card Number<space>Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY) <space> 6 Digit PIN Desired, then send an SMS to 83377

Make sure you send an SMS from the mobile number registered at Mega Bank

How to activate Bank Mega's credit card?

After you receive Bank Mega's credit card, please Activate your Credit Card & PIN by sending an SMS to 83377 from the main cardholder's mobile number registered in the Bank Mega system with the format: PIN <space> Last 4 Digits of Your Credit Card Number <space> Date of Birth Main Card Holder (DDMMYYYY) <space> 6 digit PIN desired (example: PIN 1234 01011990 123456)

How do I request Bank Mega E Billing facilities for Bank Mega Credit Card?

To receive E Billing Facilities please contact Mega Call in 08041500010 or contact Bank Mega nearest branch

To complete the procedure, please prepare a photocopy of the credit card, photocopy of ID card and fill out submission form E-Billing facility located at the nearest branch of Bank Mega

How if I want to change my credit card data?

To change your credit card data please contact Mega Call in 08041500010 or contact Bank Mega nearest branch

To submit, please prepare a photocopy of the credit card, photocopy of ID card, and fill in the form of customer data changes located in the nearest branch of Bank Mega

How to maintain the confidentiality of ATM / Debit PIN?

  1. Immediately do the activation and create your ATM/Debit card PIN, then make it a habit to change the PIN regularly. Avoid making the formulation of a PIN that is easy to guess, such as date of birth or telephone numbers
  2. Remember PIN, avoid writing your PIN in your wallet, purse, card or other media that can be easily read by others
  3. It is advised to register other e-banking facilities such as Internet Banking, M-Smile, and SMS notification to make it easier to monitor the accounts

What if I want to perform updates to data / customer profile?

Go to nearest Bank Mega branch in your city and our staff will be happy to help update (renewal) customer data.

To update the data, please prepare a copy of your ID card and fill out the form customer data changes at the nearest branch of Bank Mega.

What if I want to raise the limit ATM transactions by replacing the card Mega Pass Classic into Mega Pass Preferred?

Please go to nearest branch in your city and our staff will be happy to help to change the type of ATM/Debit Mega Pass card.

Please prepare a passbook, ATM/Debit cards, and copy of ID card.

What if I want to know the latest information about interest rates and transaction costs in Bank Mega?

Can be checked through the M-Smile application on the Other Info menu, or Contact Mega Call at number 08041500010, or come to the Mega Bank branch office nearest to you.

If I am a Bank Mega credit card holder, then how do I get free credit card payment fees?

Make your Mega Visa credit card payment by using the Mega Pass ATM card at the nearest Mega ATM in your city or through Mega Internet Banking facilities and make credit card payments before the due date.

What if I had failed transaction when using a ATM/Debit card or credit card Bank Mega?

Contact Mega Call on 08041500010 or contact your local branch and our officers will be happy to assist in resolving of your problems.

Please provide a photocopy of ID card, ATM/Debit or credit card Bank Mega and our customer service will assist you to fill out the form problems and help you solving the problems within certain time period.

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