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Company At a Glance

  • 1969
    Starting as a family owned business called PT Bank Karman, and domiciled in Surabaya.
  • 1992
    The Company further changed its name in 1992 to PT Mega Bank  and relocated its Head Office to Jakarta.
  • 1996
    In conformity with its development, in 1996 PT Mega Bank was taken over by the PARA GROUP (PT Para Global Investindo and PT Para Rekan Investama), a holding company owned by Chairul Tanjung, an Indonesian entrepreneur. Afterwards, the PARA GROUP changed its name to CT Corpora.
  • 1997
    To further enhance its image, in June 1997 PT Bank Mega, as a trusted financial institution, changed its logo into the Letter M in blue and yellow with the objective that the public would be more easily recognize the new company logo.
  • 1998
    The Company further changed its name in 1992 to PT Mega Bank  and relocated its Head Office to Jakarta.
  • 2000
    Changed the name of PT. Mega Bank becomes PT. Bank Mega.
    In order to strengthen its capital structure, in 2000 PT Bank Mega implemented an Initial Public Offering and listed on the JSX and SSX. Thus, some PT Bank Mega shares are owned by the public and the company changed its name to PT Bank Mega Tbk. In order to strengthen the capital structure, in 2000 PT Bank Mega held the Initial Public Offering and listed its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSE) and Surabaya Stock Exchange (BES) with a ticker code MEGA. Thus, a portion of PT Bank Mega’s shares is owned by the public and changed its name to PT Bank Mega Tbk. Currently, the majority shareholder of Bank Mega is PT Mega Corpora which is part of the PT CT Corpora business group.
    Guided by the motto “Mega Tujuan Anda”, Bank Mega is growing rapidly and has become a leading financial institution equalwith other prominent banks in the Asia-Pacific. It has received numerous awards and achievements on national, regional and international levels. In an effort to realize its performance matches its name, PT Bank Mega Tbk adheres to the principles of professionalism, transparency and prudence with a strong pital structure and the latest products and banking facilities.
    Bank Mega is sometimes challenged in business, but armed with confidence and enthusiasm to continue to be the best, so as to provide the best for the nation, all elements of the Bank agree to further reinforce these ambitions. Bank Mega’s new logo is a reflection of the spirit of all elements of Bank Mega for realizing the future goals of Indonesia.
  • 2007
    The Company further changed its name in 1992 to PT Mega Bank  and relocated its Head Office to Jakarta.
  • 2013
    The transformation of Bank Mega’s logo in 2013 is a profound reflection on the expectations of Bank Mega to start building Indonesia into an unyielding nation with excellence, always able to realize prosperity and a better life.
    The affirmation of the “M” symbol, which is widely known, has become the representation of the aspirations, optimism, opportunities and ideals of the Indonesian people, as well as of the desire to build a better and more prosperous future for families and the nation.
    The series of warm colours symbolize the energy and spirit of Bank Mega and the new thinking and comprehensive financial solutions for customers and employees of Bank Mega. To make further emphasis, we embed the yellow as a symbol of intelligence and hope, combined with gray that symbolizes sophisticated processes and systems. The orange colour illustrates optimism and energy, indicating that Bank Mega always looks and does something positive, always strives to get a positive result.
  • 2014
    The Company further changed its name in 1992 to PT Mega Bank  and relocated its Head Office to Jakarta.
  • 2016
    The Company further changed its name in 1992 to PT Mega Bank  and relocated its Head Office to Jakarta.

*PT Bank Mega Tbk obtained the license as the bank under The Decree of Minister of Finance Number no.D. dated August 15th 1969, The Decree of Minister of Finance Number S.611/MK.13/1992 regarding name change from PT Bank Karman into PT Mega Bank and The Decree of Deputy Governor Number 2/5/Kep.DpG/2000 in terms of name change of the company from PT Mega Bank to PT Bank Mega Tbk.

 Menara Bank Mega

Welcome to the Integrated Region CT Corp., One Stop Financial Services or better known as the "Financial Supermarket", where there is a commercial bank PT. Bank Mega Tbk., PT. Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia, PT. Mega Capital Indonesia, PT. Life Insurance Megalife and PT. General Insurance Mega (Mega Insurance).

In Bank Mega you can perform banking transactions easily, quickly and comfortably thanks to computerized systems and sophisticated technology, so that the line between the branch network is well integrated.

For major customers, we provide Priority Banking, Mega First with priority facilities preferred to satisfaction with high security assurance.

Banking Hall - Main Branch Office, Jakarta Tandean is located on the 1st floor Bank Mega Tower. There is also a Safe Deposit Box, which has sufficient capacity to guarantee a sophisticated security system. We provide ATM which operates every day for 24 hours for the convenience of banking transactions and cash withdrawals.

To expand customer services, Bank Mega also has a Treasury Room on 16th floor. In supporting the Human Resources (HR), Bank Mega provided Training Center on the 12th floor for a variety of training with a complete and modern facilities.




Security is a priority for us. For that, Bank Mega Tower is equipped with a security system with international standard.

On the third floor there is the auditorium that has a capacity of up to 1,000 people with full multimedia facilities,high-tech, luxurious interior and modern equal to 5 star hotel.

To entertain clients in a comfortable atmosphere, provided with café, club and restaurant with a menu equal to 5 star hotel standards, equipped with cigar room, private dining room, and an interior that makes you really feel relaxed.

To improve the productivity of our employees, provided fitness center with comprehensive facilities.

In an effort to accommodate the capacity of the vehicle, Bank Mega provided safe and adequate parking.

Enjoy your lunch in the food court Bank Mega Tower located at Lower Ground. You can enjoy a variety of food and beverages tempting at relatively low prices, good atmosphere, and convenient location.

As an integrated area,we built a bridge that facilitate access between the Bank Mega Tower with TransTV.

At the highest level of the Bank Mega , provided Croquet which complement the building facilities, beauty and luxury of Bank Mega Tower.

Corporate Value & Culture

Bank Mega's Management believes that the success of an organization depends on how strong the entire staff guided by the Vision, Mission and Values ideal that grew from within the organization. The values that have been proven time and again to support the performance and present the work that can be shared by the stakeholders.


To be the Pride of the Nation


Achieve continuous good relationships with customers through innovative banking services and synergies supported by integrated ecosystems, professional human resources and best organizational performance capabilities to provide high added value to all stakeholders.

Corporate Values


Organization Structure PT Bank Mega, Tbk

Name and Address of Supporting Institutions and/or Professions

Shares Listing

Bursa Efek Indonesia

Bursa Efek Indonesia Building Tower
Jl.Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Tel. 021 5150-515
Jakarta 12190 Indonesia

Public Accountant Firm For External Audit

Kosasih, Nurdiyaman, Mulyadi, Tjahjo & Rekan

Cyber 2 Tower 20th Floor
Jl. HR.Rasuna Said Blok X-5
Jakarta 12950,Indonesia

Main. 021. 2553 9200
Fax. 021. 2553 9298

Share Registrar

PT Datindo Entrycom

JL.Hayam Wuruk No. 28
Tel. 021 350-8077
Fax. 021 350-8078
Jakarta 10120




  • 10th Annual Best of The Best 2020 - The 50 Best Companies - 10th Rank - Forbes Indonesia
  • SWA 100 Indonesia’s Best Wealth Creators 2020 - 5th Rank - SWA Magazine
  • Investor Best Bank Award 2020 - 1st Rank Category BUKU 3 – Investor Magazine
  • Indonesia Financial Top Leader Award 2020 – Kostaman Thayib, President Director Bank Mega as Best Leader Bank BUKU 3 - Warta Ekonomi
  • Infobank 17th Banking Service Excellence Awards 2020 - 3rd Best Chatbot Commercial Bank - Infobank & MRI
  • The 3rd Satisfaction Loyalty Engagement (SLE) Awards 2020 – For 11 Categories: 1st Rank for 7 Categories – Infobank
  • Infobank Digital Brand Awards - 3rd Rank Category E-money Bank - Infobank & Isentia
  • Infobank Digital Brand Awards - 1st Rank Category: Credit Card - Infobank & Isentia
  • Indonesia’s Most Popular Digital Financial Brands (Millenials’ Choice) – Iconomics
  • Infobank Top SME Lender 2020 Award - The Best For SME Business Performance Year 2019 Bank BUKU 3 - Infobank
  • Infobank The Best Bank In Mortgage 2020 Award - The Best Bank In Mortgage Year 2019 - Infobank




  • Best Retail Co-Brand Program - Metro Mega Card From Mastercard
  • Best Bank Performance of MSMEs Loans 2019 Award, Bank with predicate "Superfine" Category Book 3 Asset Group of Rp. 50 T - Rp. 100 T
  • The Most Improved Performance in Complaint Handling from Prima
  • The Best Credit Issuer(Non buku 4) from Visa Worldwide
  • Loyal Hackers Award 2019 - Carrefour Megacard: Most Favourite Shopping Credit Card 2019 from Loyal Hackers
  • The Best Credit Card kategori Issuer Bank Buku 3 From Visa Worldwide
  • “The Most Favorite Shopping Credit Card” dari Loyal Hackers


  • Prima Awards 2019 For 2 Categories from Infobank dan Prima
  • Best of The Best 50 Corporate from Forbes Indonesia 2019
  • Infobank Golden Trophy Award 2019 - Bank with performance "Very Good" 2014 - 2019 from Infobank
  • Majalah Investor Awards 2019 - Best Bank 2019 Category Book III (Common Equity Rp 5 Triliun - 30 Triliun Rupiah) from Investor Magazine
  • 8th Infobank Digital Brand Awards 2019 for 5 categories from Infobank and Isentia
  • Satisfaction Loyalty Engagement Award 2018 for 5 categories from Infobank and MRI



  • Satisfaction Loyalty Engagement Award 2018 from Infobank and MRI for 9 categories
  • Top 5 Social Business Innovation Company 2018 from Warta Ekonomi
  • Indonesia the Best Public Companies Domicile on WAI 2018 from SWA Magazine
  • Bank with predicate “Very Good” from Infobank
  • “Prima Awards 2018” for the 3rd Best Debit Acquirer Bank from Infobank and Prima


  • Corporate Secretary Award “Top 10 GCG Issues in Banking Sector” from Warta Ekonomi
  • Mega Travel Visa Card - Best New Product 2017 from Visa
  • Top 20 Financial Institution 2018 from The Finance
  • 1st Winner of The Best Public Private Bank in Indonesia 2018 from Anugerah Perbankan Indonesia VII 2018
  • The 1st Best Bank in Report Submission on BI SILK Application, Central Bank of Indonesia



  • WOW Service Excellence Award 2017: Surabaya from Markplus Insight and Marketeers.
  • Infobank Awards 2017: Bank with predicate “Very Good”
  • WOW Service Excellence Award 2017: Gold Champion of Jogja from MarkPlus
  • Top 50 Of The Biggest Market Capitalization Public Listed Companies From Corporate Directorship (IICD)
  • Bronze Champion of Indonesia WOW Service Excellence Award Category:Conventional Bank(Buku III) From Mark plus


  • Top 10 GCG Issues in Banking Sector - Indonesia Corporate Secretary Award 2017 from Warta Ekonomi
  • Bank Mega's CEO Awarded Top 100 Bankers dari Infobank
  • Bank Mega's CEO Awarded Most Admired CEO 2017 From Warta Ekonomi
  • STP Award USD Clearing Payment From Standard Chartered Bank




  • The Best Bank In Digital Services Asset Rp50 T - Rp100 T Tempo Media Grup
  • Straight Through Processing Award Commercial Payments Processing Excellence 2014 Standard Chartered Bank
  • The Most Efficient Bank Asset Rp20 T - 100 T Tempo Media Group
  • The Best Mobile Banking Category Of Commercial Bank Infobank Magazine
  • The Best Bank Assets Rp 25 T - 100 T Investor Magazine
  • Top Bank 2016 Category : Book III Business News


  • Silver Champion of Indonesia WOW Service Excellence Award 2015 Category of Book III 
  • Anugerah Perbankan Indonesia The 3rd Best Bank Buku 3, Asset Group of Rp. 50 T - Rp. 100 T Economic Review Magazine
  • Wow Service Excellence Award Markplus Insight
  • Top 50 Public Listed Companies Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IIDC)
  • Winner Indonesia Best Banking Brand Award Warta Ekonomi.
  • Ranked-4th Bank Group Book III (Asset < Rp. 100T) Economic Review



  • Best Visa Credit Card Issuer Award 2015 diberikan oleh VISA
  • Top 50 Public Listed Companies diberikan oleh Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD)


  • Straight Through Processing Award from Standard Chartered Bank
  • Top 10 mBanking Business Partner 2015 from Telkomsel



  • The Best Private Company Inhouse Magazine (InMA) 2014 Inhouse Magazine Award (InMA) from Serikat Perusahaan Pers (SPS)


  • Bronze Champion of Indonesia WOW Brand 2014 kategori Category Of Credit Card From Mark Plus

CT Corp is a rapidly growing, diversified Indonesian-based holding company that is active in several industries. The group is divided into three main business holding operations concentrating in Financial Services, Media, Lifestyle & Entertainment, and Natural Resources. The group has established strongly-positioned companies in the consumer market, such as: Bank Mega, Bank Mega Syariah, Mega Life, Trans TV, Trans 7, Trans Fashion, and Transmart

The group was founded in 1987 by the chairman and principal shareholder Mr. Chairul Tanjung under the name of Para Group. The business started originally in the manufacturing of footwear for export and roof tiles for the domestic housing industry. From 1995 onwards, the group expanded into new business sectors in the area of financial services, property and multimedia. It is within this period that the group gained scale and depth in respective industries and to build a solid foundation for future growth.

In 2006 - 2007, CT Corp was one of the fastest growing business conglomerates in Indonesia through aggressive acquisitions and organic growth of its core businesses. Two of the group's many achievements in 2007: Bank Mega experienced the highest growth in net income and credit cards amongst any Indonesian banks, and the two television stations - Trans TV and Trans 7, generated the profits that equaled the profits of the rest of the industry. CT Corp credited this outstanding overall growth to synergies between the group's companies and efficient operational control that is embedded uniformly in the culture of the group.

In 2008, the Para Group was rebranded to become CT Corp. It is a brand that embeds Mr. Chairul Tanjung's name and character - essentially evoking values of optimism and exemplary leadership for the future. In addition, this was a strategic step to reposition the group as a multi-national company, ready to expand into the region and other parts of the globe. Looking towards the future, CT Corp is committed to continued growth. The group will continue to develop innovative products and services which will provide more value to customer, attract quality professionals and business experts, as well as establish strategic partnerships with investors both in Indonesia and internationally.

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