M-Money is electronic money that can be used as a payment of goods or services at merchants. Users can apply M-Money by downloading M-SMILE application on Play Store for Android users and App store for iPhone users.


  • Quick Registration and Easy
    M-Money accounts can be used immediately after being activated and topped up by the customer independently

  • Free Admin Fee
    Customers are free of monthly admin fees

  • No Minimum Transaction
    The customer is not limited by the value of the transaction

  • No Hold Balance
    Customers can use all of their balance to make transactions

  • Easy to Use and Secure
    Customers can access M-Money using a registered smartphone


M-Money provide features such as:

QR Transaction

Users can make payment transactions at Mega Bank merchants with the QRIS logo. Some merchants with the QRIS logo are Transmart Carrefour, Baskin Robbins, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Wendy's, Recharge Coffee and others.

Top Up M-Money
  • M-Money users can top up their balance through:
    • M-SMILE for those who has registered their Bank Mega saving account
    • MEGA ATM
    • Interbank Realtime Transfer
  • Guidelines for Top Up as Following: 
History of Transactions

Users can see history of either top up or payment transactions

M-Money Balance

Users can see their available balance for transactions

Registration and Activation

M-Money Limits


Nominal (IDR)

M-Money Balance (Maximal) 2.000.000
QR Transaction per Transaction per Day 2.000.000
Accumulative Transaction per Month 20.000.000
Minimum Balance 0

Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)