Mega Pass

Mega Pass is a card facility (ATM or Debit) that is obtained when opening a savings account or individual checking account. Bank Mega has several types of Mega Pass debit cards, such as Mega Pass Visa, Mega First, and Mega Pass GPN.


  • Wide network
    It can be used in all Mega ATMs, ATM Prima, ATM Bersama, ATM Mega Syariah / Mega Net, Visa Plus ATMs, and ATM MEPS

  • Payment Features
    It can make payments in all shops bearing the GPN logo, Visa or Visa Electron
  • Internet Facilities
    Mega Internet and M-Smile facilities
  • Online Shopping (excluding Mega Pass GPN)
    It can perform online debit shopping on websites bearing a Verified by Visa logo


Daily Limit Transaction




Bank Mega to Bank Mega Transfer 25 Million 50 Million 100 Million
Transfer Between Banks (ATM Bersama & Prima) 25 Million 25 Million 25 Million
Cash Withdrawal 5 Million 10 Million 10 Million
Shopping Transaction (EDC & Online Merchant) 10 Million 15 Million 30 Million
Payment via ATM 500 Million 1 Billion 2 Billion
Purchase via ATM 10 Million 25 Million 50 Million


  • Bank Mega ATM/Debit card monthly administration fees is Rp 7.500. Applied for products such as : Mega Dana, Mega Maxi, Mega Perdana, Mega Ultima, Mega Berbagi, Mega Payroll dan Giro. Bank Mega ATM / Debit card monthly administration fees will be charged to the customer's account every month on the 15th
  • Transaction fee via ATM :


Mega ATM

ATM Prima

ATM Bersama

Mega Syariah / Mega Net


ATM Visa Plus

Visa / Visa Elekctron

Balance Check Free Rp 4.500 Rp 4.500 Free - Rp 5.000 -
Cash Withdrawal Free Rp 7.500 Rp 7.500 Free Rp 20.000 Rp 30.000 -
Payment Free* - - - - - -
Bank Mega to Bank Mega Transfer Free Rp 6.500 Rp 6.500 Free - - -
Transfer Between Banks Rp 6.500 Rp 6.500 Rp 6.500 Free - - -
Decline (Incorrect PIN, insufficient balance, inactive card / account, over limit)  Free Rp 3.500 Rp 3.500 Free Rp 3.500 - -
Shopping Transaction Free - - - - - Free

*Except PLN payments (Rp. 3,000), PLN Prepaid (Rp. 2,500), PAM (Rp. 2,500), Telkom (Rp. 2,500), Transvision / Telkomvision (Rp. 2,500), Speedy (Rp. 2,500), Garuda (Rp. 2,000) & credit cards other bank (IDR 5,000) 

Terms and Conditions 

To get a Mega Pass card, you must open a Mega Dana, Mega Maxi, Mega Ultima, Mega Berbagi, Mega Perdana, Mega Pro or Mega Optima Pro account


Mega Auto Pay - SMS and Email Notification