Sosialisasi Penerapan Program Anti Pencucian Uang dan Pencegahan Pendanaan Terorisme

Dec. 29, 2021

We have to participate in preventing the criminal act of money laundering and terrorism financing. If not, money laundering and terrorism financing can bring negative consequences to Indonesia by disturbing peace and authority, slowing economic growth, disrupting the stability and integrity of the Indonesia's financial system.

People have to be careful and understand the potential of being exploited as a passive intermediary if receiving or in control of the placement, transfer, payment, grant, donation, safekeeping, and exchange of funds from illegal activities but not disclosing it to relevant authority.

People can actively participate by:

  1. Avoiding being entrusted with a financial transaction
  2. Keeping personal identity from being misused
  3. Supporting and complying with the Know Your Customer Principle implemented by financial services providers
  4. Providing information to the Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center
  5. Confirming and finding out more information on a crowdfunding

Let us strengthen the regime of AML & CFT (Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism) in Indonesia!