Saving, Caring, Sharing.

Mega Berbagi

Mega Berbagi is a unique saving account that combines saving and charity in one product, we invite you to share a brighter future for the nation’s younger generation by providing support and opportunities for them.

Mega Berbagi donation fund generated from the allocation of Customer’s saving interest (from customer side) and Bank Mega will also allocate the same amount  to be placed as a donation fund. By having this product, both You and Bank Mega are contributing together to create a brighter future for the nation’s younger generation.

Furthermore, Mega Berbagi offers you accessibility to more than 300 branches, 700 ATM Machine, and facilitate ease of transaction in 40.000 ATM Network around Indonesia also 1,9 mio ATM Network around the World.

Mega Berbagi program was first launched in 2008, since then number of schools has been built in several Area/Region. This program has helped 14.934 children to keep their dream alive. If 1,000,000 customers join this product, more than 438 schools will be built, more than 90.848 children will have proper education, and most importantly a better future for them will be created. 

Interest Rate (p.a.)
*Perubahan ketentuan fitur & layanan dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu, dengan menyampaikan pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu selambat-lambatnya 30 (tiga puluh) hari kerja sebelum perubahan.
Tier Balance Range Mega Berbagi
Effective Until 14th Nov 21 Effective Since 15th Nov 21
I  < 1 Million 0.00 0.00
II >= 1 Million 2,00 1,50
Fees and Charges


Amount (IDR)

Initial Deposit 500.000
Minimum Balance 500.000
Minimum Holding Balance 500.000
Minimum Balance Fee (per Month) 10.000
Dormant Fee (per Month) 2.500
Closing Account Fee 100.000
Card Re-issue Fee 25.000
  • For reason security and satisfaction of customer transactions, All costumers are registered to SMS Notification Services effective on 4th December 2020 for all debit/credit transactions with minimum amount IDR 500,000.
  • So there is a change in monthly administration fee which includes the SMS notification fee with the following details:


Admin Fee (per Month)
Effective until December 25th 2020

Admin and Service Fee (per Month)
Effective on January 25th 2021
Balance < 50 Mio : 12.500  Balance < 50 Mio: 17.500
Balance => 50 Juta : Free Balance => 50 Mio : 5.000
*Changes in terms of features & services can change at any times. by givng advance notice maximum 30 (thirty) working days before the change.

Terms and Condition for an Account Opening

  • Identity Card KTP/KITAS
  • For non individual customer  to enclose NPWP, Certificate of Establishment, Statue and Certificate of Amendments Firms
  • Product Information Summary click: Here
  • Terms & Conditions click: Here

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