Prime Lending Rate

Prime Lending Rate IDR

*Effective September 30, 2020.
  Based On Business Segment (% Per Year)

Corporate Loan

Retail Loan

Micro Loan

Consumer Loan

Mortage Non Mortage
Prime Lending Rate 11.50% 11.50% - 11.50% 12.25%
  1. Prime Lending Rate (PLR) is used as the basis for determining the interest rate to be charged by the bank to the customer. PLR does not include Risk Premium which depend on the Bank's assessment of the individual customer risk or group of debtors risk. Hence, the loan pricing to customers does not need to be the sama as PLR.
  2. Consumption Loans - Non Mortgages does not include Credit Card and Personal Loans.
  3. Real time PLR information is published at every branch and / or the bank's website.


Jakarta, September 30, 2020
PT Bank Mega Tbk.