WhistleBlowing System

Whistleblowing System Bank Mega

Bank Mega is committed to maintain the integrity and trust given by Customer. For this purpose, it require system to deliver reports in case a violation occured, one of which is the Whistleblowing System (WBS). Customers can use this system to report suspected violations or fraud, violations of the code of ethics, or violations committed by internal parties of the Bank in purpose to create a healty and transparent business environment.

Complaints will be followed up if they meet the requirements and criteria, whistleblowers are expected to provide correct information, they are personal identity / name (allowed to be anonymous), telephone number and e-mail that can be reached. We guarantee the confidentiality of the reporter's personal data.

The reporter is expected to be able to explain what happened, the parties involved, the time of the incident and the location of the incident. Submission of WBS reports can be submitted via the e-Form below.

Thank you for your concern and trust that has been given to us.

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